Premium Waves Ocean Forecasting

Constantly improving the detail of our ocean and surf forecasts. Now available in California, Washington, Oregon, Peru, and Chile. Beta 2.0

Highly Advanced Model

User-friendly Data Interface

This software was created and is constantly developed by scientists who surf, or more appropriately surfers who science!

The model provides highly detailed ocean predictions via unique and proven algorithms. It offers an alternative option in an ocean forecasting market saturated by limited ‘blanket model’ surf forecasts..

We use direct buoy data as the principal source of data for our forecasts. We also use the standard Wave WATCH III NOAA model ( used by other surf forecast models in the industry) for foundational control of the formulas. Combining the data sets yields a significantly detailed prediction of ocean conditions.

Since its inception in 2011, our organization has operated under different names however Premium Waves best describes our product. Premium Waves is also contracted as a third party software for international organizations and surf contests. Check out the Premium Waves surf forecast for Peru on South America’s largest surf portal,